Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I ran out to MAC early this morning to return my Studio Sculpt Foundation (I'm NW15). I had bought this back in Aug w/some of my Birthday money. I only used it a handful of times cause I honestly found that it didn't cover well and was sooo heavy on, almost mask like and I am very light handed with foundations. Anyways I exchanged it for Ricepaper eyeshadow and Bare Study paint pot. I've been on a search for a nice highlight shade, which Ricepaper is, however I still find it to be a touch frostier than I want for everyday so I think I may pick up Brule next time I am at MAC. So far I like the paint pot, its a nice shimmery champagne shade.
I'm making a trek out to Sephora tomorrow to pick up these babies. They are holding one of the UD 24/7 Super Stash for me, and if they have the Smashbox Wish for a perfect pout in stock I want this as well. Its got 2 really pretty full sized glosses and 4 mini's. I have a mini of the pink (pout) and I LOVE it, its the perfect barbie pink. I've been lusting over the Super Stash for the past month and half, its finally available in store (I have called them every week for the past month and a half, lol). I've heard alot of ppl commenting that these are super small (half the size of the full size), I'm ok with that tho, I have the travel set from last year and I think I only sharpened them once or twice since so these will still last a good while for me. Reviews to come soon:)
Smashbox WISH For The Perfect PoutUrban Decay 24/7 Super Stash
*** Both pics are from www.sephora.com ***

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